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Where am I?
This is brand new SWAT4 Stats Tracker, a cutting-edge system that provides very accurate gaming statistics from -==MYT Team Svr==- and -==MYT Team Svr 2==-. So far here you can find extremely detailed player profiles, but more interesting features are coming soon.
How does it work?
Unlike other stats scripts ours got a server-side part which allows it to obtain precise values, unique data (like player equipment) and work 24/7. It can recognise players even if they change their names during the gameplay, and if they drop in the middle of the round, correct stats will be recorded nevertheless. Tracker is updated every round.
How do you count points?
The formula that is used to calculate points is secret :) But we can tell you that arresting non-VIP players won't give you advantage as it does in the game.
How long are records kept? Do you reset tracker?
All data received by tracker from its start will not be deleted and stats are not planned to be reset at all.
Why the country in my profile is wrong?
Some ISP, most notably AOL, provide internet access in different countries and this makes geolocation difficult. If you've found a player who doesn't belong to the country in his profile, please, let us know.

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